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The clean peel with 10% pure glycolic acid

GLYCONIGHT 10% MASQUE The clean peel with 10% pure glycolic acid

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Powerful Overnight Exfoliant. Peel away the day for a fresh, youthful complexion by morning.
Our potent, overnight glycolic acid peel is powered by 10% glycolic acid in its purest form to slough away dead surface skin cells and stimulate skin’s structural proteins, vital for maintaining firmness and density. The clean, vegan glycolic peel is enriched with brown algae extract and COSMOS-certified organic apricot kernel oil, rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, to deeply nourish and soothe skin while enlivening the complexion. Vegetal glycerin helps prevent the dryness and dehydration common to accelerated exfoliation with glycolic acid peel.

Use: After cleansing the skin, those who are looking to boost their skins radiance can apply the mask to the face and neck, leaving it on the skin while sleeping, and rinsing off in the morning. For a radiance-boosting maintenance treatment, use the mask every other night for one week. As an intensive course of treatment (1 - 2 months), use every other night for the first week, then every night for each of the following weeks. Repeat this course of treatment two or three times a year for maximum results.

Shipping is 1-2 weeks domestic.

GLYCONIGHT 10% MASQUE The clean peel with 10% pure glycolic acid

$94.00 Regular price $98.00


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